Saturday, October 17, 2009

Laney Klipp combo

Laney Klipp combo I picked up last week, it's solid state and has spring reverb, tremolo, and 'klipp' (fuzz) effects built in, plus 2 x 12" celestion speakers.  Can't find any info on the internet about this version.


ginboomerang said...


Did you find out any information about your Laney Klipp amp ? I'm interested as I have one too.


Ian Sherwen said...

hi mark, no i didn't! no info to be had anywhere! it works but does need some attention, i HAVE used it at a couple of gigs (not any more as i use an old vox foundation), but it doesn't behave as it should even though i do like the sound overall! is yours fully functioning? do you have some pics? cheers ian.