Sunday, August 31, 2008

Yo! The first ever Rap keyboard!

Picked up this Casio Rapman keyboard from a local car boot sale.  Some nice sounds and a 'voice effector' which pitch shifts your voice when used with the included microphone.  I doubt if I will be re-selling this, my 4 year old son loves it! ; )

Interesting Ebay 6

A circuit bent Akai sampler with external patchbay from the reputable, nice work!  Ebay link here.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Thing About Machines festival

Windscale have been booked to play the 'a
thing about machines
' festival in Coventry.  The festival runs from 19th-21st September 2008.  Artists involved include Andy Votel, Broadcast, Modulate, Bella Emerson, 7inch Cinema, Frog Pocket, and more.  We are playing at 'Taylor Johns House' (which I think is a venue under some railway arches or something!) on Saturday 21st.

Phonics Keyboard 2

Another Phonics keyboard with LDR and pot pitch control. Audio here.

Fuzz Face with Mayer mods and input bias control

Another Fuzz Face with Mayer/Hendrix mods and input bias control plus L.E.D. indicator. AC-128 transistors used.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Windscale music at Indmill

Some Windscale music is now available on Indmill.  There's an E.P. of tracks from the 2nd Windscale album 'Conflicts in Time', and we will add some more 'singles' soon.  Good value too at 45p per 'single' plus a percentage also goes to charity.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Ge Fuzz Face - new style enclosure

Germanium (ac-128) transistor Fuzz Face with Mayer/Hendrix mods and input bias control. First use of the new enclosures I got a while ago.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Animal Board

Simple keyboard with downwards pitch shifting.  Audio here.

Patchbay Dub Siren

This started out as a sound effects board ripped from an old DJ mixer (thanks Neil!), I have attatched 8 bend points to the board which can be patched to each other.  Additionally the points can be patched to a light dependent resistor or 2 different values of variable resistor.  The leads are stackable so you can attatch a few leads to the same point.  The yellow knobs are from the original mixer.  8 different sounds can be triggered and messed with.  1/4 inch mono output socket round the back.  Audio here.

Burns Buzzaround clone ac-128 2

Burns Buzzaround clone for Craig with ac-128 transistors and blue l.e.d.

Terminal strip Rangemaster clone

Rangemaster clone for Craig.  This one has a Mullard OC-71 transistor and the circuit is made using terminal strip rather than vero board for a vintage flavour!  Also has a red l.e.d.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Interesting Ebay 5

The Nervous Squirrel stuff is pretty amazing (but expensive)!  Here we have a 'Furby Gurdy'. Ebay link here.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Burns Buzzaround clone ac-128

Burns Buzzaround for Gef from London.  This version uses ac-128 transistors and sounds really smooth with low background noise. Audio here (Mic recording).

Epiphone jr valve amp head

Finally got my old camera working again so heres a shot of my Epiphone jr valve amp head that I got last week.  Pleasantly surprised by how loud this can go!  I have it running through my Audition cab and it has a nice 'dark' sound.  Will definitely be adding a standby switch when I can track down the right info, and will change the stock valves at some point.