Friday, February 18, 2011

Mind Rocker prototype #0

The Mind Rocker is a version of the Fuzz Face circuit but modded for more volume and bass.
This one has a filter control enabling you to cut the bass if you wish.
Prototype for a small run of screen printed Mind Rockers with artwork by Sean Wars from Liverpool.

Dizzy Tone #16

Dizzy Tone #16 for Vince in the USA.

Harbinger #2

The Harbinger is a bass heavy version of the Tone Bender mkIII circuit, leaning towards the Park Fuzz version with a dash of Elka Dizzy Tone thrown in!
This one is for David from Belfast band Slomatics and features first draft artwork by Donovan Stringer.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tone Bender MK1 #17

Tone Bender MK1 for Josh in the USA.

Dizzy Tone #15

Dizzy Tone #15 for Keith in the USA.