Thursday, June 4, 2009

Some new soundclips at last!

I've recorded a few rough soundclips of some recent pedals, I'm a bit slack when it comes to clips, I could really do with some customers sending me some (hint!), maybe some discounts would be in order?!  Anyway, here they are played by me on a Squire Jagmaster (needs setting up properly if I'm being honest), recorded using Logic on a Powerbook, Presonus Firepod, Sennheiser E609 mic up close and at the edge of the cone, Audition speaker, Epiphone Valve Jr on lowish volume.


Pete said...

Wow! Those are some heavy sounding pedals. The Nu Fuzz sounds like it should be on an old Godzilla Movie; can't wait to build one myself.

Inspiring, simply inspiring!!

Ian Sherwen said...

cheers pete! yeah the nu fuzz has quite a dark and heavy ott sound with the tone all the way down, it thins out as you turn it up.