Friday, May 15, 2009

Circuit Bent and rehoused Danelectro BLT slap echo

The final 'ECHO' pedal, a circuit bent and rehoused Danelectro slap echo for Steve.  Increased depth control, added echo, repeat, and level controls, true bypass, 9v DC input.  The switch at the back initialises the pedal so its ready for use (its fooling the original circuit into thinking its been 'stomped').  All the on board wiring (to tiny  surface mount components in some cases) has been hot glued and is super solid.  The original boards have been taped together then attatched to the case with velcro.  Sounds great, far more versatile than the original and can self oscillate.  Here's what Steve says - "Thanks recieved the echo pedal today - its got a real unique sound really like it and its so much more versatile so many thanks again...The echo repeats sound great just on the verge of feedback like an old binson ehorec, real one off, no other echo pedals sound like this one."

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