Monday, February 23, 2009

Joes Tube Booster for use with synths

Joe sent me a "c64ised" photo of his Tube Booster in use, here's what he has to say - "My tubebooster has two jobs. The first is in processing my synth drum sounds. I'm layering up lots of component sounds then resampling the result through the tube to give it a bit of unifying crunch. Proper good.  The pedal's second job is as a live effect for my Dave Smith Evolver monosynth, which has lovely analogue oscillators and filters but a very digital all-or-nothing distortion. The tubebooster, used in moderation, gives my bass sounds plenty of compression but with warmth, soul and a bit of welcome unpredictably. That's not to say I don't crank it up from time to time too, and it's more than capable of full-on overdrive which sounds great on leads.  A quick but important technical note: the tubebooster is designed to accept an instrument signal (like a guitar), not a line signal (like a synth) so I needed to reduce my synth's volume to around 10% of normal (-20dB) before inputing it to the pedal. Also, because the pedal's output is an instrument signal, I'm running it through a DI box before it goes into my sampler. Anyone planning to run it straight into a guitar amp will be fine though; just remember to keep your synth at a low volume (around 10%).

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