Sunday, January 25, 2009

Silicon Fuzz Face

Silicon Fuzz Face clone for Tim.  BC-108 and BC-109 Silicon transistors used.  The circuit is built onto mini tag board and features carbon comp resistors, and a Mullard 0.01uf output Capacitor.  It also has an external Bias control and a 9v dc input.
Here's what Tim had to say - "Managed to get 5 mins with the fuzz this morning with the strat and vibrolux.  THIS PEDAL HAS SOME SERIOUS MOJO!  I don't know if it's the tag board+carbon comp resistors, or just some magic you have managed to instill but it is quite simply the most fun fuzz I have ever used.  I've currently got a few other fuzzes (roger mayer axis, voodoo lab bosstone, cornell nkt275 fuzz face, a triangle big muff clone and a colorsound overdriver clone) and have used others in the past but this little grey box is by far my favourite."

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