Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ge Rangemaster treblebooster clone

Clone of the mythical Rangemaster circuit.  Uses a Mullard OC-76 Transistor but has bias trimpots connected to the base and emitter of the socketed transistor so any Ge PNP transistor could be substituted such as the OC-44 or OC-71.  Has 1M2 drop down resistors on the input and output of the circuit to minimise 'popping'. 


Guy said...

Ian, I believe this one is mine and Im still using it.

I wrote a review comparing it, very favourably as I recall with my D*A*M Red Rooster.
That OC76 is as bright as Id want to go but go it does and in the Normal input of my '66 AC30 Top Boost Im in Voxabouttoexplode heaven!

Comin back for more stuff V soon from Ian the'Tone Weaving Silicon Wizard'.


Anonymous said...


Ian Sherwen said...

guy, thats great that you are still loving your rangemaster! i haven't built one for ages as i don't get many requests for them! cheers mate ; ) ian